Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Home sick, home early

I knew this last week would be difficult, as we did all the activities we wanted to do in the past three weeks, so now we’re just working and don’t have anything much planned before we leave. I was already feeling pretty home sick, but the real problem started when the schools began end of term tests this week, which meant that we couldn’t teach and there wasn’t much for us to do in the mornings. This morning it all hit me in one go at the school, we were sitting on the steps trying to make a plan of what to do, and Sophia suggested we could do some colouring with the younger ones. That’s fine in itself, but I’d just got to the point where I felt like I wasn’t being proactive enough in the work we were doing because of the school situation, my resolve broke and to my utter embarrassment I became tearful and really had to fight the urge to sit and have a good old cry. I explained to Marleen how I was feeling, and that being away for so long was getting to me and she took me home, and I made the decision to call my mother, and have her change my flight to an earlier date. I know it sounds ridiculous, but most people are leaving on Saturday, and I would have a full weekend of having nothing to do, added to not having much to do at work, and I can’t stand waiting around to go home. So, between mum and myself we spent all day on the phone to different people, trying to get the flights changed, and I even went to the airport, although it was of little use as they couldn’t do anything from there. Anyway, it’s done now, and I’m leaving on Friday morning. The only thing is I told DL, and she was really annoyed that I’m coming home early, and I can’t understand why. She said that meeting me at the airport was a big thing for her, and if I land on Saturday she’ll still be in London and won’t be able to do that, but surely us being able to see each other three days earlier than planned is better. I don’t understand anyway, and being angry and upset, her not being pleased I’m coming home was the last thing I wanted to hear, so we had words and I ended the call. Sometimes I really don’t understand the way she thinks. So tonight I’m going to have my hair braded, which I’m really excited about, then I have one day left, woohoo! This means I’ll be busy right up until I go home, and won’t have time to sit and think.

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