Saturday, July 22, 2006

Drunken Elephants

Oh dear! On Thursday night we all went on a booze cruise, and yes, you can guess why I’m saying oh dear. We started drinking at 4 in the afternoon on the Zambezi River, and I was on vodka and coke. By the time we got off the boat at about 6:30 I was drunk. By the time we left Hippo’s at midnight, I was absolutely plastered. I haven’t been so drunk in a long time, apparently I was dancing and singing, I ordered food and then didn’t eat it, mixed strange concoctions of drinks together, kept saying I was going home and ordered taxis which I then didn’t want, and I was sick repeatedly in the loo and kept on drinking afterwards. Disgraceful! The only saving grace was that Kate was even more drunk than I was, and when we got back she stood on a chair to kill a bug and promptly fell off. I got in DL's bad books because I called her, and then proceeded to have conversations with everyone in the room as well as her, which pissed her off, and then I fell in to bed at around half past midnight. Woke up on Friday morning feeling like death, couldn’t keep away from the loo for more than five minutes and had to take the morning off work. That’ll do me for the next year, and as yet haven’t been able to bring myself to touch a drop even though we were out last night. On Saturday we worked in the morning and then in the afternoon went on an elephant backed safari, which was amazing. There were two of us on an elephant plus a guide, and the tallest one stood at over ten feet. We had to walk up steps on to a platform to get on to them, and at one point we waded through a stream by the river so that the elephant could have a drink. It was absolutely wonderful and hopefully I’ll have some great pics. In the evening we went out to a seafood restaurant, and I had deep fried calamari to start, followed by prawn curry, which was delicious. Today most people are out, either doing the elephant safari or the gorge swing, so I’m home reading, writing and relaxing, and being slightly bored. I don’t like having nothing to do, it makes me miss home, and although I love it here, I’ve already started to count the days until I go home.

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