Wednesday, March 01, 2006

WE just had this stupid argument over nothing at all, and ended up shouting at each other, DL storming around and me having a strop. In the end I said I
wasn't coming to bed, that I would sleep out here, and she didn't ask me not to or anything, just said, "thanks," and closed the bedroom door. I want to
cry! During our entire relationship, we've never gone to bed on an argument, always making up in some way before we go to sleep. Now she's in there, and
I'm out here, and it looks like i'm in the spare room for the first time in our relationship. I'm too angry to go and try to make it up, I just want her
to come back out and ask me to come to bed. I've been feeling kind of clingy over the past couple of days which really isn't like me at all, and I just
want to sleep in her arms, which I doubt will happen tonight. It's been a while and she's still not come out, so I get the feeling she's not going too.
I hate arguing! And I don't know if I want to cry, or break something!

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