Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm wicked and I'm lazy!
Gotta get my ass in gear!

Wow, i've been such a bum for the last couple of days, it's untrue. Didn't go in to uni on Monday, I had the notes for the lecture and so decided to give
it a miss. Was a very naughty girl and lazed around for most of the day, watching episodes of 24, which we're addicted too, having incredible sex, and
reading trashy fiction. It was wonderful!!! I need more days like that!

Yesterday I went in to uni in the morning and then to the gym in the afternoon. Did a good, hard work out, changing my programme slightly to include more
weight machines, and now my muscles are screaming every time I move. I'll get used to it, I'm planning on going again tomorrow, I feel great. And I've
lost more weight, which has given me a boost, and it doesn't seem to be coming off my breasts which is great! Last night I cooked dinner for once, taking
a break from work, and then DL made pancakes for pudding, very naughty and unhealthy I know, but come on, it was Shrove Tuesday! Anyway they were lovely!
We should have been going out last night, but we ended up being late, and so decided not to go. I read some more trashy novel, and then we watched more
24 before cuddling up to go to sleep.

Today, my dad's been visiting with my lil pooch, which was wonderful. He's so easy going and we get along great, and I miss my hound terribly so it was
lovely to see him and have him trotting along behind me when I moved around. Bless him, little love! Don't intend on doing a lot tonight, although from
tomorrow I really have to get back in to work mode. This is so unlike, me, I usually switch to work mode on a Monday and switch back to relaxing at the
weekend, but this week it just hasn't happened, and I'm starting to feel slightly guilty now. I've just looked at all my essay deadlines and project work
that has to be done by the end of the semester, and I just know I'm gonna be run off my feet in a few weeks time. American Pie The Wedding has just started
on tv, so I'm going to watch it.

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