Sunday, March 05, 2006

It snowed... in my eye!
Ok ok, I've been thoroughly nagged to update my journal, so here I am...

Actually I was intending to write, but the past couple of days have flown by. Anyway, I'm not going to talk about the argument, it got sorted, and if you
want to read about it you can go to DL's page, it's all there.

On thursday, went to uni in the morning, and didn't go to the gym as planned in the afternoon, because after staying up late on Wednesday night I was wacked!
Had a major pannick at lunch time because I thought the exam results were released that day, which turned out not to be correct, so I was slightly disappointed.
Spent most of Thursday afternoon reading a novel i'm engrossed in, but had to leave it alone to read other stuff for uni in the end. I've read one text
for this week, now have to read another, and a Shakespeare play, so on the whole not doing too badly. Thursday night, I got home to find DL all set to
give me a full pedicure, which was absolutely heavenly! She's never done it before, and I just felt so loved as she soaked them in warm water, then rubbed
them and cut and painted my toenails. I'm so damn lucky!

Had a meeting with my tutor on Friday morning, and she gave me back my mark for an essay and for the exam. The essay I'm thrilled with, the exam not so
much, I was one mark from getting the next grade up, which really pisses me off! My final essay has been sent to an external marker and isn't back yet,
but I'm hoping it's alright. After my meeting, spent a couple of hours in the gym, and came out feeling great. Then spent the rest of the afternoon ironing
and chatting on the phone to my mum.

It was really ironic actually, because she was saying how much snow they've had in my home city, and how some schools were closed and meetings at work cancelled
etc. Seriously, for anyone who lives outside the UK and is reading this, England goes in to total chaos when we have more than an inch of snow, and everything
stops. IT's madness! Anyway, I was saying to her that it was strange that we hadn't had any here, because we're usually one of the first places to get
it, and how disappointing it was. That night, DL and I went to see a play at the university drama studio, and as we stepped outside, DL said, "my god,
it's snowed!" At first I thought she was taking the piss, but then I stepped outside and there was a good couple of inches on the ground. It was really
strange because we'd been sitting in the living room just over an hour before, and the sun was shining outside, and no sign of snow at all. So god knows
how we missed that one! Anyway, the play wasn't that good, and afterwards we went to the supermarket to get bread, and as we stood in the car park, DL
threw a snowball at me and it went straight in my eye. Looking back it was very amusing, but at the time I thought it had scratched it or something, because
it started streaming and while we walked around the supermarket, I couldn't open it without the light really hurting it, but it turned out to be ok. The
downside was that by the morning the snow had mostly gone, so I never got to kick her ass in the snow!

Yesterday I was out all day doing volunteering, and we had a friend over last night for a drink. We didn't get up until late today, we're nearly at the
end of series one of Twenty Four, and so watched a couple of eppisodes while we had breakfast in bed. Aaahh, bliss! I intend to spend the rest of the day
doing work and finishing off the ironing. Also DL and I are going to cook a roast dinner together later, which we've not done for ages, so it'll be great
to take some time to spend with each other, after the madness of the past couple of days! Aahh, lovely!

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