Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am the champion my friends!
Why is it, that throughout the day, I think of loads of things to post about, and then when it comes to it my mind goes blank? Does anyone else have that
problem? I think I'll have to carry around a virtual pad to scribble on.

Yesterday was a crazy day!
Both DL and I got out of the wrong side of the bed, and spent most of the day niggling at each other for no reason. We didnt' actually fight, but we were
both aware of each other's faults more than usual. Anyway, it wasn't a very eventful day all in all, the highlight of which was kicking her ass at draughts.
We decided to take some time out to enjoy each other's company in the evening and to try and lighten the mood, so she challenged me to a game, one which
I hasten to add I've never won while playing against her. So last night I was determined to win, and succeeded. However, she wouldn't conceed defeat in
the slightest, and we ended up shouting at each other in a very commical, non aggressive way about the rules of the game, and then laughing at the fact
that she's such a bad loser. Anyway, it finished the day off nicely and we went to bed and made love!

Two out of three lectures I should have had were cancelled due to a strike by the association of university teachers, so I only had to go in for an hour.
I should add, that yesterday was very industrious, so I have little to do today in terms of seminar preparation. I finished Northern Lights, and read Twelfth
Night, and so all is well. I also found out that a presentation I thought I had to prepare for next week isn't happening until later in the semester, which
gives me a relatively easy weekend. I do however, have an essay that is due in in three weeks time, so I intend to not leave it until the last minute.
But, the point to my ramblings is, that it's my dad's birthday this weekend, and origionally I wasn't going to visit because of work commitments, but now
I can. So I called my dad to say that DL and I are coming, and he was thrilled, bless his heart! He's so enthusiastic about everything, and I love that.
We're also bringing the dog back with us to stay for a while, so we're both looking forward to that. We'll be staying at my mother's house, which I'm not
so bothered about because I'll have DL with me, and my mother pretends that we have this impecable relationship when anyone else is around, so it should
be relatively hastle free. After the xmas trauma however, I'm planning to put a lock on the door, so that I can have some privacy both when I'm there with
DL and when I'm there alone, and I don't think she'll like that so much. She has this way of just walking right in though, without knocking, and I find
it extremely invaissive, so she'll just have to cope! And yes, I have asked her not to do it, and she doesn't pay attention.

DL is going for a job interview in a little while, so I'll finish here to spend time with her before she goes. We've been together for seventeen months
tomorrow, so I think we'll do something nice. Thursday night we're planning to go clubbing with friends, and then Friday we'll be visiting, so it looks
like it's going to be a good week.

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