Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weather warning, severe flooding in the local area!

I have never seen a woman produce so much come in my entire life! I know I've said this before about the handful of times Spanish Girl and I have fucked, but tonight put our other encounters to shame. By the time she arrived I was in a better mood than earlier, and she presented me with a box of chocolates and a cute little plant which is now sitting in my kitchen and which I will have to hide when DL visits or she’ll throw it out the window. The reason for which is that she bought me a Christmas flowering Cactus for our one month anniversary and it’s still alive and she’s weird about me taking care of it. So if she saw another plant in my kitchen evidently from some one else, her jealous nature would get the better of her and I can see the poor thing landing on the street below. Anyway, tonight was actually a pleasant surprise and has made me reconsider my earlier decision about not seeing Spanish Girl again. I’m still not sure for how much longer it’ll go on for, but tonight we had the best sex we’ve ever had, and in between rounds we chatted a lot and I learned more about her life and family than before. I also realized how difficult and frustrating it must be for her not being able to speak good English, there were times tonight when she couldn’t think of the right words to make her meaning clear and she would put her head in her hands and groan. I try to help her as much as I can but my Spanish really isn’t that great, so we’ve agreed to teach each other as much as possible. The first thing I need to learn though is sex related vocabulary, because in the height of passion she’ll say something in Spanish, and I don’t know if it’s “harder, faster, deeper, slower, that’s the spot, you’re fucking awful, I’m bored now…” it could be anything and I always get paranoid that I’m not doing what she likes or I’ve misread her body language and done the opposite of what she wanted and so on.

I decided to write this post now, one because I’m wide awake, and two because I’m waiting for my bed to dry out before I can actually get in to it. I didn’t realize how turned on a woman squirting actually made me until now, but tonight when I had decided to mainly give, she started to squirt lots, over and over again, and in the end I was aching to have her inside me. There’s also something about squirting that becomes almost infectious. That is to say I’m always hesitant about squirting myself when I’m with casual partners, but once I know they do it too it’s like something inside my head gets released and I open up and relax. So you can imagine that when we started fucking each other simultaneously the juices were flowing free and we couldn’t tell who was squirting the most. Very sexy indeed. I was doing really well with the provision of towels as well, that is until I put on the strap on and started fucking her. From behind it wasn’t too bad, but then I was on my back and she was riding the holy fuck out of me, and when she came she just lifted up and flooded both me and the bed, and trying to catch it all with a towel was like trying to scoop the ocean in to a tea cup, it just ain’t gonna happen. I’ll be lucky if the mattress isn’t fucked, and my bed springs broken after that last round of fucking. She also made me come the hardest I’ve come in a long while with a partner. I was kneeling over her and we were fucking each other, and she started hitting my G spot and well that was it. Vaginal orgasms are very rare for me, but that one was mind blowing, and as we kissed and I came I cried a long loud note of pleasure in to her open mouth and she bit down on my lips and the whole thing was just deliscious. She’s also one of these women who can come and come and come and come and never seem to get tired. I’m the exact opposite, if I have a good intense orgasm that’s it for me, I’m too sensitive to touch, but she just kept going and going and there was one point where I thought, I’m too tired to go anymore, I just want to curl up and sleep now, but she had other ideas and remained as horny as ever until I pointed out that it was three thirty and that I had to get up to go and meet friends in a few hours time and after a late night last night I really needed some sleep. She put me to shame damn it! She’s twice my age, yes, twice my age and I was flagging long before she was.

Well, I guess I’d better go and see how the old bed’s doing and finish it off with the hair drier if it’s still wet. She wants to see me again next week, but I think if she wants to stay around we’re going to have to see each other every few weeks rather than every week or I know I’ll end up calling it a day sooner rather than later. What’s the problem you might ask, she’s just given you a mind blowing orgasm, she squirts when she comes and doesn’t object to you doing the same, she’s a sexy Spanish nymph, why are you complaining? The answer is, I don’t know, there’s just something there that I can’t fully warm too, maybe it’s because I feel I don’t understand her properly sometimes because of the language barrier and therefore I can’t get to know her in depth, I don’t know. Anyway, tonight was a success, we both came away happy, so I guess that’s all that matters for now. I should probably stop over analyzing the situation and just enjoy it.
I’m off to get some sleep now or I’ll never make my lunch date with friends, let alone stay awake long enough to see Maroon 5 in the evening.

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Wow, that sounds, dare I say, Fucking amazing!