Friday, October 19, 2007

Wrist worries

Is it possible to get RSI through too much quim frapping? I'm asking myself this as, being off work, all I seem to have done this week is job hunt, and wank to relieve the bordom and stress of job hunting. I noticed today that I had a dull ache in my wrists, hmm, I'm starting to get worried. I'm also steadily breaking my toys, will have to go to Shush and restock I think. This week has been fairly quiet, hence all the frapping going on, next week however is a different story.
Monday: I'm going to a femmes who like femmes meet.
Tuesday: my mother is visiting for her birthday and staying until Wednesday.
Wednesday: mother departing, and then I have a choice, yes a choice in the evening. Either the usual commedy night, or there's another meet, this time for lesbians in my local area. This one looks more appealing this week as the majority of my friends don't live anywhere near me, and that needs to change.
Thursday: I have a date. Sort of. It's with some one I've been matched with by some one who runs a match making thread on a site I use a lot.
Friday: I think I'm going to a club night with some friends.

I do like having a full diary. I don't like spending too much time alone, and being off work really isn't helping. As far as this weekend goes it's stretching ahead and I have absolutely nothing planned. So very depressing. More quim frapping then.

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