Friday, June 29, 2007

Wet in all the wrong places!

What a week! Terrible weather, terrible! I'm so glad I don't live in Sheffield anymore, for the readers who live overseas Sheffield was one of the worsed affected cities and came to a complete stand still for a few days with hundreds of people needing shelter when their homes were flooded. I did give ex flatmate a call and thankfully my old flat is fine, though. So at the weekend I went to see my mother and the rest of the family up north. Had a lovely time as there was a celebration party in honour of my degree result on Saturday night and everyone came and got slightly drunk and spent the evening singing and dancing around the living room very loudly, the poor neighbours. I honestly have a wonderful family and they all couldn't stop telling me how proud they were and my aunty started crying and said, "I can't believe you've moved to London, I couldn't do it!" I got cards and gifts and all the kid cousins were there which was lovely, as I haven't been home in about three months to see everyone. Sunday mother and I were very hung over and didn't really get moving until the afternoon. We went shopping for a new suit and blouses and shoes for me, and only came back with the shoes, so somewhat unsuccessful.

Monday I was supposed to go to Alton Towers with Sean who came over from Sheffield to my mother's house, but what with the terential rain it never happened and so we went in to town instead and had lunch and did some shopping. Sean got stranded with us overnight as Sheffield station was closed due to the flooding, so he stayed over and we both left in the morning, he to go back home and me to go on to a small little town near Wales where I did my a-levels. Baby G and I were asked to go back to give a talk to the students about university life and why "they really should go!" So we spent Tuesday and Wednesday there which were quite enough! It was lovely to see all the staff though and I've exchanged eamail addresses with them and so that was nice. By the time I got back to London on Wednesday I was too shattered to go to the discussion group and so gave it a miss and went to bed instead. Yesterday I timed and practiced the route to work again with the dog, and then had a singing lesson in the afternoon which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not doing a lot today, it's peeing it down outside so I'm intending to stay in and hunt for a new home on the net. DL is coming over later because we're going to pride tomorrow and then she has a school reunion in the evening which she wants me to go to with her. Oh and I got lost for the first time this morning taking Una to the vets. It's ridiculous! I can get all the way across London with no problem, yet I get lost taking the dog five minutes up the road!

Monday I start the new job, aaaah! Very very nervous! Then in the evening I'm seeing HBS, haven't seen her since April so that's very exciting, plus she made it quite clear what she's coming over for so hopefully I'll get some much needed attention! Tuesday evening I have another singing lesson and on Wednesday it's group, so I'll be shattered by Thursday. Will try to write more next week though and make it more interesting to read, rather than just a list of what I've been doing.


Kristina said...

Interesting enough, just not often enough.

I'll be back.

Kris said...

Hey! Are you at the concert today? I'm watching it on TV and looking for you in the audience...