Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day three in the new London house… (adopts Jordy accent big brother style).

Well, I’m here. Actually at the moment I’m at Baby G’s house using her internet, wonderful friend that she is. I’m still waiting for the wireless at my house to be set up, and I’ve spent the past few days trying to connect to some one else’s wireless, somewhat unsuccessfully I should add. Monday was spent waiting for my parents to come to Sheffield with the van, then driving to London where we arrived at the house at around seven. One of my house mates, M, had cooked us a lovely meal which was greatly needed and very much appreciated, and after we ate DL went home and we started unpacking. My room isn’t the biggest in the world, in fact it’s the smallest room I’ve ever had. Most of my stuff has gone back to my mother’s house, I can’t really store it or unpack it until I get a bigger place, so right now I have the essentials and not much else. My parents left on Tuesday afternoon after we’d gotten everything sorted out, and I had a long hot bath because I was covered in grime and feeling very durty. Luckily I had the house to myself because M and L were both at work.

As yet I don’t really know what I think about the house or the people living in it. The house itself needs a hell of a lot of work doing to it, and although it is a work in progress to put it plainly, I could do a better job at the DIY stuff than they seem to be doing. It’s hard to describe, but everything is in the wrong order, the kettle is in the lounge for example, the microwave is on top of the fridge, the sink has no draining board next to it to put clean dishes on, there are plant pots on the wash basin in the bathroom which I had to move elsewhere so that I could put things like toothbrush and soap there. Those are just some of the oddities about the place, plus the back garden is, well, like a building site to say the least, oh and did I mention the spare toilet is full of bricks?… As for the gay couple who live there, that is M and L, they are lovely and friendly, but a little too open, and that’s saying something for me to say that. They’ve already mentioned several times that they have very loud sex and joked about me getting ear plugs, we walked in to the lounge when we arrived to find a used condom sitting in a plant pot, and I’ve already discovered they are inan open relationship and sometimes have people over for threesomes. Oh my lord, I mean come on I am quite liberal, but I do get the impression I won’t be making this my permenant home.

Despite me having pointed out most of the negatives, I am ok, and I am managing to settle in. My room is lovely, with new carpet and furniture and I have my own friddge which I stocked full today with goodies from Tesco, good old home delivery. As yet I don’t know my way around the area and so I’m having to get taxis to wherever I need to go, but a woman from guide dogs is coming on Friday to start my orientation. The couple are also away for the weekend and I’m looking forward to having the place to myself to do some cooking. We do share with another girl who is german but I’ve hardly seen her and she’s moving out soon anyway.

Oh, and I decided not to go to Manchester for the job assessment because I just didn’t have time to prepare, so hopefully they’ll contact me again in September. Bye for now, I’ll write more when I’ve got the internet sorted.


Ok, I didn't actually manage to deliver that post at Baby G's because there seemed to be a problem with her internet too. I'm now at my place, DL has been here this evening, we had dinner and she tried without success to get me connected to the net. Sometimes I hate computers. But by pure luck I can get a weak signal by balancing my laptop on top of my stereo which is on my desk, and standing up to type, don't know how long it'll last though so I'll post this now. I hate not having the net!

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