Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gosh, I'm so busy!

Three weeks til freedom! Three weeks til freedom! That's my mantra at the moment to get me through the bordom of writing essays and revising for exams. I recently got some grades back and they were fine so it looks as though the hard work is paying off. I did some calculations the other day and if I carry on getting the grades I have been, I should definitely get a 2:1, so that's keeping my momentum up. It's been much of the same really over the past week, just alternating between working and flat hunting. I had almost given up hope and then today I had four phone calls and will hopefully go and view some propperties next Saturday. My social life has also been excellent though, I seem to have the whole work/play balance going on, although after this week my social calendar has to be completely empty and I'll have to start saying no to going for drinks etc so that i can stay home and just work work work. So far this week, on Tuesday I had my friends Mel and Rosie round for dinner which was lovely. I cooked and we drank lots of wine and chatted lots, mostly about sex and relationships funnily enough haha. Mel's in her 40's and has two teenage kids and hasn't had a guy around for a long time, so she regails us with stories of her youth and her kids etc which are always very funny. Then on Wednesday I worked for most of the evening and then went up to the flat above to see M and R, and A my flatmate was there too, plus R's boyfriend. There I drank more wine, and competed in Shower Off, which is going to be the new sport that got started right here in this apartment block, unless other people have done it before which we don't know about. It's absolutely hilarious especially after a few glasses of wine. Everyone has to have a shower, and use the same products which in our case were shampoo, conditioner and shower jell. Some one has to stand outside the bathroom with a stop watch and time how long it takes you to get in to the bathroom, have a shower and get out again, and obviously whoever does it in the fastest time is the winner. Whell origionally in fourth place it was M, then A my flatmate, then R who did it in just under three minutes. So i was like, "I could so beat you all," and I don't think they believed me, so I went and got my towel and hair stuff and competed. I did it in a record breaking 1 minute 58 seconds, which i think is quite impressive. I think I pissed R off because he's very competitive and didn't think he'd get beaten, it was hilarious. So far no one else has beaten my score, we need to set up a score board on facebook so people can join the group and write their scores. Heehee, it was a great way to de-stress. Then on Thursday I went over to have dinner with the girl's from choir, one of which I'm rather attracted too as I've mentioned before. They're both lovely though and planning to get married which is obviously wonderful, they seem very happy and I'm really looking forward to the wedding, they're very well suited. There I drank, you guessed it, yet more wine, and then last night I had friends over for drinks and a smoke which was great. I've never actually gotten stoned before, I've been passively stoned but never smoked myself, and so I am no longer a weed virgin after last night. It didn't really affect me that much, I must have quite a high tolerance to it or something, but we had a great time and the last people didn't leave until after two. Today I've been for coffee with my very, very, very cute friend Helen, which has done my head in slightly because we did rather a lot of flirting, and I've always found her attractive but we've either both or either one of us has been in relationships while we've known each other, so I have to behave myself. If she ever does become single while I am though I'll most definitely make a play to seduce her. I just have this mental image of her in my bed, me trailing kisses all down her body until she starts beging for it. Hmm, ok that's enough of that!

Next week is going to be hectic. It's my birthday mid week and so on Monday my dad's coming to take me out for dinner, Tuesday my mother and DL are coming and we'll go out that night, Wednesday I'm having a party here at the flat, Thursday DL and I are going for a pampa day at the Spa at the Hilton, then Friday we're both going down to London and I'm viewing houses on Saturday. Phew, and I have to fit work in somewhere too. My god! Well I'm home all weekend now so I should get stuff done.

* * *

Ok saying that, Kim just called possibly wanting to go to the gay bar in town for drinks tonight, and I'm well up for that! So maybe not staying in all weekend afterall. I'm feeling very troublesome today, I'm in the mood to do something wild... It probably won't happen though, I'm not usually that lucky. What I'd really like is to meet a very sexy lady while I'm out tonight, and have her totally seduce me in to a night of passion. Maybe I'll text Helen and let her know where we are, just in case she might want to come join us... *slaps own wrists* Will I ever learn to behave?


Kristina said...

You are. so. FUN! Wish you didn't live in another world.

kristcg said...

Birthday update!!!!?? Hope it was FUN FUN FUN!!