Friday, April 27, 2007


Not much exciting has happened in my life this week, but something did happen to my flatmate which I want to talk about...

On Wednesday my mother and I were sitting in the house having just walked the dog in the park, when A unexpectedly came home from work. I asked if she was ok, and she said that she wasn't. It turns out that J, her boyfriend of two years has been cheating on her with his ex partner for the entirety of their relationship. A had apparently suspected something was wrong and when looking at his stuff earlier that day had found photographs on his camera of him and ex girl together. A called ex girl who confirmed that they'd never stopped seeing one another, and was shocked to realise that J and A were still in a relationship together, he having told ex girl he'd split with A six months ago. So basically she's found out that he's a two timing, lying, scheming, devious little bastard who thought he could get away with stringing them both along. The thing is that he and A lived together before she moved in with me, the reason she moved out of his flat was to give them both some breathing space because they'd been arguing. Recently they'd been talking about buying a place together and he'd told her he wanted to settle down and have kids with her. So as you can imagine she's absolutely deverstated. She went to meet ex girl that evening who apparently showed her messages he'd sent to her and gave her dates and times they'd met, which corresponded to when he'd told A he had to work away. J is overseas at the moment looking at buying some land to build a property, so she called him and confronted him, and from what I can gather at every possible oppurtunity he tried to play it down. It was only when she told him she knew everything that he confessed, and he also apparently called ex girl to find out what was going on when A was with her, and she ansered the phone and he crapped himself because she and ex girl were talking. Get this though, he's now apparently hounding her with appologetic messages, claiming to be suicidal and saying that his life isn't worth living if she's not in it. It makes me so fucking angry when people do this kind of thing. God knows I had it for long enough with DL when we split, she kept threatening to kill herself, and the guilt and responsibility it places on you is phenominal. A and I have just had a chat because she's obviously feeling awful and like she's responsible for his actions, and I've told her that of course she's not, and that he obviously wasn't thinking about how much he cared for her while he was screwing some one else. I also posed the question of how do you know he's not telling ex girl the same thing he's telling you? How can she ever believe a single word that comes out of his mouth? I just feel so sorry for her because I can see the torment she's going through, and what she really should be saying to him is go and fuck yourself, you bought this on yourself, i'm not rssponsible for you, we all have choices and you made the wrong ones, now get out of my life. But of course when you're in that situation you don't say those things because you're terrified of what that person might do to themselves, and so he's persuaded her in to meeting him tomorrow on his return to the UK. I just feel so mad for her, and hope she's got the strength to tell him where to go. How can you ever claim to love some one if you're unfaithful to them for the entire relationship? It makes me laugh, he's pathetic! I never liked him from the start, he always seemed slimey to me whenever I met him, and I can just see him weedling his way back in through some emotional blackmail. I just hope she's smart enough not to fall for it. Fucking men! He wants his knob chopping off if you ask me, then he won't have anywhere to stick it at all!

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