Saturday, December 30, 2006

Xmas Cheer

I really wanted to post on xmas day, as I thought I would be left feeling bored and melancholy. Quite the opposite happened in fact, I didn't have time to
stop and think at all which was exactly what I needed, and the day went by in a flash...

Woke up around ten and went downstairs to find no sign of my mother. I thought about shouting, "this isn't right, you should be sitting by the fire with
a sack full of presents that Santa's bought for me, I shouldn't be standing here in an empty livingroom with no one in sight and the presents still under
the tree, not stacked in a pile waiting to be opened!" But then I remembered I'm not five years old anymore, and so did the grown up thing of waiting until
she came back and not mentioning anything. She came hurrying through the door, calling over her shoulder to the next door neighbour who she'd borrowed
two dining chairs from, to go with our borrowed dining table so that we could actually eat xmas dinner in a civilised fashion, not on the sofa with trays
on our laps.
We gave Una her stocking first, and she caused great amusement by wripping it open with her teeth and claws, and then snuffling all the way to the bottom to get out the toy. So that kept her good while we opened our gifts, which we took turns at doing. I did really well this year especially as I hadn't asked
for much because there wasn't anything in particular I wanted. So I got quite a bit of money which I'm putting towards my China trip, and lots of accessories
and cosmetics, and far too much chocolate, as well as a beautiful ring from DL, and an aroma stone from Baby G which I've wanted for ages. My dad also
did remarkably well, but that was because his girlfriend had bought all my presents, so I didn't get anything I didn't like which was great.
After the opening of gifts, my step sister and her mother came round for about half an hour, and forgetting it was xmas day, I gave my sister a telling
off for getting three detentions in her first term in high school. She sort of gave me a look that said, "you can't tell me off today, it's christmas,"
and so feeling awful I tickled her and changed the subject quickly. After they'd gone we prepared the dinner, which, given my mother's complete lack of
skill in the kitchen, came out remarkably well. I ate far too much, including six, yes six, yorkshire puddings, ok stop chanting "you fat bastard" please,
I'm going on a diet tomorrow, I promise!

The afternoon was spent with family friends, and then in the evening I went to my dad’s girlfriend’s for a buffet, I’ve actually met her three times now I can’t believe it, considering it’s taken almost a year of them going out before I got introduced. That might have something to do with the fact that she’s closer to my age than his, she being 26 and my dad being 43. Haha my dad is such a player! He doesn’t look his age though, never has done.

Boxing day was spent half at Kim’s drinking whine and eating mince pies, and the other half at my cousin’s eleventh birthday party, where once again I ate far too much food. I’ve had the constant feeling of being uncomfortably full for about a week now, and it really has to stop. On the 28th I packed all my shit, well most of it, mum’s bringing the rest to Sheffield when I get back, and with a bulging suitcase and belly haha, laptop bag stuffed full, and an equally fat dog from all the turkey in toe, I borded the train for good old London village which is where I am at present. I met up with DL when I got there, and we had dinner which was lovely and not at all stressful, she seems to have calmed down considerably which is a relief. I’m staying at Baby G’s flat, and I’ve had a lovely couple of days. There is stuff I do want to talk about that has happened, but I’m going to save it for the new year, but let’s just say I have the feeling that 2007 will be a good year…

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