Saturday, December 09, 2006

Me and my mooncup

On Thursday I met up with Kim for lunch, and we went to the university shop afterwards so she could buy some stuff for her period, where my world was revolutionised when she introduced me to the mooncup. For those of you who have never heard of one, or seen one, I strongly urge you to go and investigate further. Basically, it's this silacon cup that fits inside you when you have your period, and it catches everything. You just pull it out and empty it, wash it and in it goes again. Obviously at least after every period you should sterilise it to keep it clean, but it's more environmentally friendly, comfortable and generally much betterfor your body as it doesn't take away any of your natural vaginal moisture like tampons do. I spent most of yesterday reading up on them, and today when I was in Manchester with DL, I bought one. I'm wearing it now, and I have to say I can't even tell it's there. It forms a ceal with the walls of your vagina so no leakage either. It's great! I can't believe it's taken me until now to discover them. Anyway, if you want to know more, you can check them out at
I'll keep you posted on how I get on with mine, but so far, so good.

Had a great day today. Apart from being freezing cold and in agony with period pain, had a fab time walking around Manchester. On arriving at the train station I was immediately pissed off by the woman on the ticket desk. Honestly, I have to ask the question, why work on a desk where you're dealing with people all day long, if you're the most miserable, unhelpful person in the world? She was positively horrible, and when I asked her why I couldn't get a cheaper fair when I was booking a month in advance to go down to London in a very nice manner, her reply was, "why don't you try asking Mister Branson?" I walked away from the counter fuming, but quickly decided to move on, as it doesn't help that i've got really bad PMT. Manchester was extremely busy, but I love the atmosphere with all the street musicians and the crowds, it was lovely. We mooched around all the shops, and then DL took me to Frankie and Bennie's which I love, for dinner before we headed home. I'm now exhausted and still in pain, so I think I'm going to head to bed pretty soonish. But yay for a wonderful day, and of course, the mooncup!


Anonymous said...

never heard of the moon cup before. having had hysterectomy in april this year, no need for mooncups, here. i hope it works for you. sorry you are feeling yukky and in pain. i remember my periods were just so awful (hence the operation).trust your weekend is going fine. take care, poet

Kim said...

excellent, now the whole world knows im bleeding! thanks luv!

glad you are liking the mooncup -the world also now knows im a hippy


High Maintenance Femme said...

Poet lucky you, no more periods!

Kim that makes two of us the world knows about, but i'm sure there are many more women having periods at the same time as we are lol. And you'd be surprised how mainstream the mooncup is becoming, I know of three other women who've bought one recently and they're not hippies lol :)