Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Back at the flat

Woo! Where is the week going?

On Monday I spent the majority of the day at uni in class, and I read some more of my fiction writing out which went down well. Then afterwards I went to S and M's and had dinner with S, and in the process I managed to get signed up for something I don't really want. A milk man knocked on the door asking if we would like milk delivered rather than going to the supermarket for it. Immediately thinking it was a great idea and that I would be supporting local farming rather than corperate supermarket chains I said yes and signed up. On reflection though after he'd gone, I noted that it's 50 pence a pint, and that they deliver at 6 AM. This is not good, especially considering we're in an apartment block and so he'll have to buz and wake us up. So I might have to cancel that one I think. After dinner DL came round and helped me move all my stuff back in to the flat, as S and M are going away for xmas and needed me to vacate their house. So I'm back.

It's going relatively ok so far, all things considered, and I have to say it's great to have my house back and not have to worry about anyone else. We have our moments, but they're not nearly as bad as before, and we usually manage to sort things out by talking them through. I've also had an email from some one wanting to view the flat, so fingers crossed. It is a guy though, so will have to see...

Still haven't gotten much work done, I really need to get my ass in gear if I don't want to be essay writing on xmas day. I've only got another week and a half before I'm off to my parents house. Still haven't done any xmas shopping either, although I did find a lovely pair of brown suede boots when out shopping last night, so I'm really pleased about that. Just have to find some black ones now and I'll be sorted. I think we're going to put the xmas tree up, as we haven't been at all festive, and although neither of us are in the mood, it'd be a bit of a traversty not to put a tree up, especially as we have a lovely big one with beautiful decorations that we bought last year. So hopefully that'll get done tomorrow evening. On Friday I'm meeting up with Sean for lunch, and on Saturday it's the xmas climax party at the uni, so I think the plan is to go to that too. Right now I'm off to have dinner before choir practice.

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