Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Two years!

Last weekend DL and I celebrated our two year anniversary in style at a nearby hotel. She wrote about it so beautifully in her blog I’m not even going to attempt to put it any other way. Go here to find out:

Not much else is new, except to say that I’m feeling a million times better emotionally. This weekend did me the world of good, it pulled the plug and flooded my veins with proper feelings again. Life is truly great for the first time in ages, because we’ve reconnected whatever was broken between us. On Saturday night I slept properly for the first time in as long as I can remember, and the night’s since have been blissful. No bad dreams, no waking in the night for no reason, just quality, dreamless sleep. I think that says it all. Thank you for being so patient my love, we grow stronger with every passing day.

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Sapphire said...

Hey girl congrats on the anniversary! I miss you guys so much. I'm sorry we had such limited time while I was there. I wish we could've done more, but we will do when I return. DF and I have news of our own on my blog. We want you two there, of course, when it happens.