Monday, September 11, 2006

Thoughts of you (explicit)

It is the night before. I stand perfectly naked beneath the spray of the shower, the radio playing sultry rhythm and blues, while I cent my body and soap my hair. You knock softly, then enter the bathroom, the steam from the hot water clouding your glasses and the mirror above the basin. You sit observing me through the misted glass, and I feel like an exotic bird preening herself in time for the mating season.
I stretch my arms high making my firm round breasts lift and tremble, the small pink nipples made hard by the flow of the water. All the time I am washing and luxuriating under the force from the shower head above me, I am also aware of a slow pulsing, almost in time with the beat of the music it seems, coming from between my legs. I know we will make love tonight, after I have towel dried my body and blow dried my hair. I know that we will lay upon the crisp white sheets of our bed, and link our bodies and minds together, so that they will become fused, soldered in to one hot point of burning exploding ecstasy that we will share together.

My body still in the shower, my mind somewhere else, I lean forward and remove a razor from its cradle on the tiled window sill, and taking a squirt of foaming jell in my hand, I spread my legs before the glass and apply the blade to the most delicate area of my body. You are watching my movements avidly, and this gives me a feeling I can’t describe, a buzz, a thrill, it makes me ache for you, and as my fingers brush over my clit it sits up and starts paying attention. I am so excited by your intense gaze, because I know you love my pussy best when it is smooth, and as I guide the blade along my labia and across my pubic bone, I know that the revealing of the soft pink flesh the hair leaves behind is making you wet.

When I am through shaving, I replace the razor, and wash myself one final time to remove any lingering hairs, and then when I am totally satisfied that I cannot make myself any smoother, I step forward and turn off both the radio and the jet of water. As I step out of the shower you are there, waiting to envelop me in a large soft towel, but as we kiss, and pin points of water trickle down my back and breasts, we both become transfixed with our mutual desire, and you bend to stroke my freshly shaven cunt with the tips of your fingers. My clit is now in overdrive mode, she is standing up, screaming out to be caressed, and so I squat down and sit on the floor at the entrance to the shower cubicle, leaning back so that the lower half of my body protrudes from the doorway. Instinctively you know what I want, and you drop to your knees and take my buttocks in your two hands, spreading them wide. I arch my back and tilt my pelvis up to your lowering face, wrap my legs around your neck, and with my feet on your back, use my strong thighs to pull you downwards until your tongue touches my warm, wet slit. As you taste me for the first time we both cry out, me from the sheer exhilaration of feeling your tongue on my most sensitive area, and you from the feel of my smooth skin rubbing against your face, and the taste of my fresh, hot juices. I lie there my head far back in the cubicle, my back sliding around on the slippery surface where the water has not had time to dry, my legs as wide as the opening to the shower will allow, and you, dipping your tongue inside me and then licking, flicking, circling and sucking all the way from my clit to my arse. I think I will come there and then, in fact I’m sure I will if you don’t stop, and my mind and body are in battle, my mind telling my hands to push you away so that I don’t come, at the same time as my back arches up, and my fingers close around your hair to pull you in deeper. After some time we both know that soon I will reach the point of no return, and there is something we both want to do before that happens. Reluctantly you pull away and wipe your face, and I, struggling to stand, rise and wrap myself in a towel. By now you are in the bedroom, and I know instinctively what you will be doing. I linger in the bathroom to ring out my hair, and to enjoy the wetness between my legs as I move about, and then I follow you through to the bedroom.

You are, as I knew you would be, bent over, your head under the desk, rummaging in our special, private box. Impatiently I grip your hips from behind, and you laugh and tell me to wait a minute. I throw myself on to the bed, towel flying open, legs apart, and seeing my immediate need you pass me my favourite little toy, tiny, yet lethal. Straight away I take it in my hand, pressing the remote control to activate the vibrations. I lubricate it with my own wetness, and then slide it back and forth over my clit, again and again, moving it away when I feel as though I will come. As you prepare to fuck me, you watch my actions, and I know you are watching because you love to see me do it. You love it when I am as horny as hell, when I ache and moan and beg you to have me. Now that you are ready, I slide over to the other side of the bed, and you lie down on your back, and wait for me to climb on top. We are kissing now, and as our tongues touch and intertwine, so do our body’s as I throw a leg over your hips, grip your shoulders with my hands, and lower myself on to you. As you start to feel me, you moan and pull me down harder, thrusting the shaft between your legs deep inside me. I rock on the hardness, feeling it prise me open, feeling my clit touch your skin as I take the full thrust of it inside me. By now we are both crying out, you are bucking your hips higher and higher, and I am lifting then dropping, lifting then dropping, my large firm breasts bouncing up and down in your face, my hair streaming over your own breasts as we fuck. As the tension inside me builds, we go faster and faster, until eventually you are pounding in to me, and I am open, wide open to you, thrusting my cunt that is now on fire down upon you harder and harder. The leather holding the shaft creeks, and I know the straps between your legs will be saturated by now with your own juices. The vibrator at my clit pulses harder, higher, and I feel it now, building, intensifying, starting deep within me and moving outwards. You can see it in my face, and you pump harder and harder, crying out, gripping my shoulders as I sink my teeth in to yours. I am an animal now, a wild beast, longing, wanting, reckless, heedless of everything outside my own intense, exquisite pleasure, and as I come I throw my head back and let out a guttural roar, a cry that pierces my brain and is the only way I know how to express the pulsing, aching, throbbing, burning that possesses my entire being.

Afterwards, we lie trembling, sweating and gasping. I’m still on top of you, the tip of the shaft is still inside me, and we are clinging on to one another as though we are drowning. You can feel the after effects of my climax, as my muscles clench and relax around the dildo, and teasingly you push ever so slightly in to me, my own sensitivity making me shudder with every stroke.

I thought of that today while you were gone, it’s been on my mind all day. So much so in fact that the aching between my legs started up again, and unable to wait until you got home, I went to our special box, drew out two of my favourites and then lay on the bed and made fervent love to my own body until I climaxed again. Your reaction when I tell you I’ve masturbated is changeable. Sometimes it turns you on, and other times you become anxious that I am pleasuring myself because you may not be pleasuring me completely. But today my darling, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that my need for self indulgence is a result of the ecstasy your love making brings, and the thoughts it leaves behind.

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