Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dads, Dogs and Downloads

A couple of hours after my last post, the telephone rang.
Me: 'Hello?'
My dad sounding sheepish: 'Hello my darling'.
Me not sounding impressed: 'Hi'.
Dad: 'I just thought I'd ring you back, because I was sitting here cutting the dog and feeling guilty about the way I spoke to you earlier.'
Me feeling hopeful: 'Oh right.'
He then went on to explain how stressed he was, but the best part of the conversation for me, apart from the appology was, 'You were right, and that's why I got annoyed really. I am unorganised and I should have made sure the dog was cut, that's why I'm doing it myself now.' Really, it was so nice to hear him sounding appologetic, because I was feeling quite upset about it all, so we're fine now anyway.

So the dog is here and he does look better. He's so so so short now, he's almost bald lol, but he looks much better after I bathed him this morning. The two dogs are getting on so so, they seem to be competeing for the higher rank in the pack, moreover, Albert is bullying Una and keeps growling at her, which he got a thorough bollocking and a hard slap for today. Apart from that they're fine though. Which is more than I can say for me.

Six thirty this morning. DL has gotten out of bed, I am half asleep. I hear her calling first Una and then Albert to go out for a wee. The two run back in together. Their beds are both in our room, but they neglect them entirely and decide its time to wake up mum. Firstly Albert jumps on the bed, walks up my body and sits on my chest with one paw over my wind pipe. I can't breathe. Then, Una being the jealous cow she is, decides she wants a cuddle, jumps up, and sits on my rib cage. Now Albert I could just about move if I wanted too, a 29 KG labradoor however is another matter, especially when your breathing is being obstructed by the paw of a King Charles Spaniel. 'DL! DL!' I croke, she doesn't hear me however because she is putting the washing machine on. So after some considerable effort on my part, i manage to riggle out from under the dogs, and get up. By this time I was wide awake and so have been up since then. Little sods!

Some exciting news though. I have managed to download series 3 of The L-word off the internet as we don't have cable TV in our house, so DL and I are going to start watching it now, woohoo! I've also finally gotten to the end of Middlemarch, which is nearly a thousand pages long, so I'm congratulating myself. I now have to start on Great Expectations, which I've both read and seen before so that shouldn't be too bad. Bye for now, the lesbians from LA require my full attention!

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