Wednesday, March 08, 2006

crunch! break! stall! thud! oops!
yes, my first driving lesson! It's so exciting!!!

Last night after DL and I went for a drink, I told her while we were driving home, I felt like doing something crazy. I didn't know what, just something
out of the ordinary. Anyway, she then went on a mission, driving somewhere, and when she finally stopped we were in, wait for it... Tesco's car park! When
I asked her what we were doing there at eleven thirty at night, she said she was going to let me drive the car. I burst out laughing, and explained that
the only time I did that, I was ten, and sitting on my mother's lap pressing the peddles while she steered. Anyway, she insisted that I do it, and to be
honest, driving is something I'd love to be able to do, so somewhat dubeously, we changed seats and I started the car.

I was slightly worried, because the car is her pride and joy, and I didn't want anything bad to happen to it, but she assured me there weren't any other
cars around and that it would be fine. Starting the car wasn't a problem. She then began to explain about slowly releasing the clutch while pressing the
accelerator, which sounded simple enough, but was actually quite complicated. This was what hindered my progress somewhat, because not managing the clutch
properly caused the car to stall, lots, and lots, and lots of times. It was quite hilarious, and I alternated between frustration and hysterical laughter,
when I couldn't get it to work. At one point DL controled the clutch while I accelerated, and that was fine, and I drove around for a while. The thing
was that I hardly touched the accelerator and the car zoomed forward, so DL would shout, "break" and I hit the break and stalled the car. Anyway we did
this for about half an hour, until she started to get concerned that stalling the engine so much would have a bad effect on the car, so we then changed

It was such a great experience though, and I did manage to drive a little, and even reverse the car back a good way, and when we find a bigger car park
I'm having lesson number two. Why, you might ask, it's completely futile as I'll never be able to drive? It's just something I've always wanted to do,
and it felt so good being in the driving seat and getting an idea of what it's like to actually drive. I keep thinking about it and giggling madly because
I made such a botch job of it, but I can't wait for my next lesson!
And a message to my dear Friend Hai Man, I'm sorry for taking the piss when you failed you driving test countless times before you passed, I now appreciate
somewhat how difficult it is! Love ya!

Today I've been to uni and then to the gym, and did a good, hard work out. Tonight we're going to enjoy seventeen months of being together. I'm really looking
forward to tomorrow as well, because we're organising a night out to a local gay club with friends, and it's been ages since I've had a good night out,
so can't wait!

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