Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lost in Translation

Mr C and his girlfriend arrived dripping wet from the horrible down pour that lasted for hours just after 9. We ordered pizza, opened the wine and chatted. Just as the pizza arrived my mobile rang. I ignored it to collect the delivery and then went to look who it was that had called me. It was Spanish Girl, so thinking she had called to make arrangements for tomorrow I called her back.
"Hi," I said,
"Hi," she said, "I sorry I here, terrible rain, what your apartment number again?"
Mr C and girlfriend were happily tucking in to pizza blissfully unaware that my shag was downstairs, and in a panic I said something like, "Oh, urm, oh God, you're here? Shit!"
"You busy tonight?" she said.
"Yes, that's what I was trying to tell you earlier."
"Oh," she said, sounding like some one had smacked her in the face. "I go, I call again tomorrow."
Fuck fuck fuck! I thought as she hung up on me. This might just be a casual thing but I hate upsetting people and unintentionally hurting their feelings, and our earlier conversation had evidently been lost in translation. After a few minutes I called her back. My friends were telling me to invite her up, but I had the awful image of us all sitting eating dinner awkwardly, our evening's conversation stilted by a stranger they didn't know and for whom most of what we were saying would have been lost.
"Where are you?" I asked.
"In the car," she said, sounding very pissed off.
"I'm so so so sorry, I told you I couldn't meet tonight."
Then I lied, "I'm not even at home." At this she sounded better and I told her that some friends had wanted to see me who weren't in town very often, which wasn't strictly the truth, but wasn't a complete lie either as I was spending the evening with friends.
"I call tomorrow?" she said, and I told her to do so.
I'm not sure if she will though, that might have put an end to that.
Oh well, shit happens, and anyway I started to think after we spoke that even if she had thought I could have met her tonight, she was supposed to arrive at 8 and I was supposed to be cooking dinner, so showing up at ten without a call to say she was running late wouldn't have been acceptable anyway, so I don't feel so bad afterall.
Off to bed now as I'm pretty drunk so this post is probably full of typo's.

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