Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just some random thoughts

I had a crap night's sleep last night, kept waking up, and had a dream that I moved in with one of my lecturers who turned out to be gay, hmm very weird indeed.
I took Una for a walk this morning and it started to rain, but rather than hating it I found it oddly refreshing.
While listening to a book I have to know inside out for my exam next week, I combed out the knots in the fluffy cushions on the sofas. I'm doing this because I want everything to be as fresh and new for the new people moving in, as it was when DL and I moved here.
I applied a lovely face mask I got from lush to give myself a bit of a pampering. You can find lush at
This morning in the post, I got some chocolate cake that DL had made and sent me to try and de-stress me a little.
I had a rant at my mother on the phone this morning because she dropped it in to the conversation that she got drunk last night and drove her car. I told her she was selfish and she didn't think of anyone else, least of all me who would be left without a mother one of these days because she'd crash the fucking car. When she promised not to do it again I told her not to make promises she couldn't keep.
I want a cup of tea.
I am tempted to go and post photos online to avoid working.
I want to start packing up my things already in preparation for the move to London, but am refraning because of the exam next week.
I am very nervous about this exam because it is the module that I least liked this semester and so didn't put much work in to, so consequently I know very little about the period I'm going to be tested on.
I cannot wait until i am no longer in education, six days to go.
I miss having casual sex with Casual Lover. I really wish she hadn't screwed me over the way she did, things were going so well.
These days I find it difficult to fall asleep unless I'm cuddling something or some one, so I've been letting Una lie on my bed so I can cuddle her until I fall asleep.
I feel like a puzzle, and just when the picture starts becoming clear, some one mixes up the pieces again so I have to start putting it together again from scratch.
DL and I have started a group on facebook called the guide dog appreciation society. If you're a member, you should join.

I guess that's enough for now.

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