Sunday, April 29, 2007

In The Wars!

This week I seem to really be in the wars, here's a list of my injuries...

Today: while in the bedroom earlier I dropped my hairbrush on the floor, and when bending down to retrieve it managed to jab my eyeball with the corner of a cardboard box. Obviously because I don't see things coming my eyelid doesn't do the close reflex thing, so it scratched my eye and it's now very sore.
Also, again when bending down this time to put the dog's food bowl down, I smacked my head on the edge of my glass dining table, ouch!
On Friday I was cooking pasta, and when carrying the saucepan over to the sink to drain off the water, it slopped over the side and burned my hand.
On Wednesday when cooking losagne, I was tipping it out of the tray on to the plate, and it wouldn't move, so I shook the tray and it dropped on to the plate, and the sauce sprayed up again burning my hand.

Seriously, I'm not usually this clumsy, and i'm getting fed up of getting hurt! Lol. I'm sure I've done other things as well to injure myself this week but can't think what they are. Oh and as for part two of my story, you'll just have to wait...


kris said...

Just blame it on the earthquake!

Yes, I guess I "will" have to "just wait" durn ya.... ;)

Kasey said...

Don't lie woman you are that clumsy! LOL